The "Mozart Effect”

The "Mozart Effect," was based on a single 1993 study that suggested that listening to Mozart’s music will improve IQ performance. In fact, Mozart’s music makes people happy and happiness improves their performance.

So, the question here is: “What impact does music have on work?”. There is no exact answer. However, let A8 Resource analyze the Pros and Cons of Music besides which kind of music promotes the highest productivity?

Pros of listening to music at work

  • Increasing motivation of employees.
  • Improve mental health and make employees happier.
  • Increasing problem-solving skills and completing the task quickly.
  • Decreasing burnout and.
  • Music aids memory retention.

Cons of listening to music at work

  • Music with lyrics will decrease reading comprehension.
  • Music can distract from tasks that require seriation and high degrees of concentration.
  • Not all types of music are suitable for listening to at work.

As you know, music is an art therefore there is no consensus across studies. It is not easy to choose a group participant with the same musical taste to conduct the survey. Music will be efficient when it's your music taste. On the other hand, you can refer to the types of music you should listen to at work below to listen to music more effectively.

Tips for listening to music to increase productivity at work

  • Listening to music without lyrics, nature sounds could help you increase concentration.
  • Listen to slow-tempo music and simple tunes when you need creativity at work.
  • Listening to up-tempo or complex music could increase motivate in repetitive work.
  • White noise might enhance the ability to acquire new words.
  • Set the volume to medium-low.
  • Consider purchasing a premium package for a music app to avoid ads when you listening to music.

Hopefully, all the information below has helped you answer some questions about whether to listen to music or keep quiet at work. On the other hand, find out which genre will help you feel comfortable in each mood you need to focus on or need to stretch your body.


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