In today's workplace, abilities and experience can be regarded key elements. However, your working attitude will be the determining factor in your success. So, how can you maintain the correct working attitude in the workplace? Allow A8 Resource to propose strategies to improve your work attitude and make an impression at your company!

1. What is the  attitude to work?

Work attitude includes many factors such as awareness and behavior in the work environment.

2. Why is work attitude important?

  • It is an important aspect that helps us improve our performance at work.
  • Knowledge, abilities, and experience account for just 30%, but work attitude accounts for 70%.

3. How to have a positive work attitude?

  • Proactivity at work:
  • Voluntarily complete assigned tasks.
  • Constantly seek out and suggest additional jobs within the scope of your obligations.
  • When you discover challenges that cannot be solved, seek advice from coworkers or superiors.
  • Keep the faith:
  • Believing in your own goals will be a powerful tool for you to overcome obstacles and challenges at work.
  • Positive cooperative attitude:
  • Always communicate work-related information to all team members, such as completion progress, activity changes, and others.
  • Listen to colleagues' opinions on all common tasks.
  • Express your personal opinions candidly and openly.
  • Respect the opinions of colleagues and superiors.
  • Avoid showing a negative attitude when receiving comments or suggestions.

If you maintain a positive working attitude, you will not only help the team but also have the potential to further improve yourself. With this knowledge, A8 Resource intends to assist you in furthering your professional development and making a positive impact on everyone at work!


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