“Great Career, Great Living” is our main philosophy since we established A8 Resource Co., Ltd and has been our direction during the journey since Year 2010. Throughout these times, we have been implementing this philosophy for our Clients as well as our Candidates and our beloved employees. We help our candidates to achieve their dream jobs, which means they have opportunities to develop a “Great Career”. This “Great Career” is based on the Four Phases of Performance and Contribution model (Reference: Next Phase Leadership LLC).

When they perform well, our Clients are enabled to target their corporate goals as they have chosen the suitable talents for their organization and compensate them with good values. This means the Candidates and their families have “Great Living”. The meaning of “Great Living” is represented by the PERMA Model (Reference: Dr. Martin Seligman).

We and our employees are glad too because we are able to connect with others, and their achievements also bring our employees a “Great Career, Great Living” the same as our Candidates. There is a win-win situation and all our stakeholders benefit from our philosophy.