Consulting Service


CONSULTING SERVICE: With consolidated experience in the Vietnam market since Year 2010, we provide consulting solutions to Clients who are startups, enterprises or multinational companies and support Clients’ businesses to be focused and achieve specific goals. 

What Are the Benefits for Our Clients?

We provide you with consulting and advisory advantages that support your corporate development and growth. We also share our accumulated experience as a foreign enterprise that has been established and operating in Vietnam with our foreign Clients/Partners.

💡 HR Consulting: Our provided services assist your business of the company in Vietnam more efficiently and accurately with expat entry and Performance Management:

- Foreigner worker's documentation: Assisting foreigners’ application process for required legal papers to save time and cost with accuracy and complied process.

- HR Advisory and Audit: Providing advice about Vietnam human resource matters.

- Performance and Contribution Model: Consult and design the Performance and Contribution Model which is effective and aligns with each Client's business. 

💡 Corporate Training: With our partner - Growth Consulting & Training Pte Ltd from Singapore, we provide training/coaching programs for Clients’ organizations and support your Learning & Development activities with a variety of topics, which are necessary to your employees' skill sets and business's development. 

What Are Our Services?

💡 HR Consulting:

- Foreigner workers documentations: Working with foreigners’ application process for required legal papers including Visa, Work Permit, Temporary Residence certificate, and other kinds of documents.

- HR Advisory and Audit: Providing advice about Vietnam human resource matters from our experts, who have many years of experience in Vietnam labour market.

- Performance and Contribution Model: Supporting organizations to increase effectiveness by strategically linking individual performance improvement to enhanced organizational results.

💡 Corporate Training: We cooperate with our partner - Growth Consulting & Training Pte Ltd from Singapore to deliver a variety of interesting topics for your corporate training program, such as:

- Strategic Thinking: The Right Decision Every Time

- Expert Negotiations

- Developing the Growth Mindset.