Executive Search


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: This is our specialized recruitment service where we provide highly qualified candidates from entry-level up to senior management-level jobs across multiple industries for diverse organizations such as MNCs, FIEs, local companies, and Start-ups,...

What Are the Benefits for Our Clients?

💡 Qualified Candidates:

- We understand your demands and requirements.

- We always submit the candidates who are in BOX B (Competent and Willing).

- We qualify candidates carefully before introducing them to Clients. 

💡 Competitive Service Fee & Warranty:

- There is no fee until the selected candidates begin working for Clients with a competitive service fee for each Client based on Client's industry, company size and structures. 

- We offer a 2-month warranty for each placement and one-time free replacement during the warranty period. 

💡 Value-Added Services:

- We consult about recruitment process for Clients based on basic HR methods in compliance with the Labour Code and salary benchmark in the market.

- We listen to your requirements and support every stage during the recruitment process, and be the bridge between Client and candidate to connect with each other. 

- We keep follow-up and regularly catch up with candidates for 4 months up to one year for each placement to make sure that they totally adapt and transition well while working for Client.

- We wish to develop a long-term partnership with our Clients, we commit to working with respect, trust, and honesty. Therefore,  we will not re-hunt our  Candidates who have been placed with our Clients.

What Are Our Services?

We provide Executive Search Services for Clients based on the Four Phase of Performance and Contribution Model with the recruitment process as follows: