Writing a CV is no longer a new or difficult task for people, but how can you display your CV suitably and impressively to employers? Let A8 Resource show you how to write a CV that will impress a recruiter at first glance!

1. How important is the CV?

Help companies assess your skills, creativity, and experience based on how you create and display your CV.

2. How to make a CV impressive?

a. Personal information

  • Insert a polite, clear portrait or tag image.
  • Providing reliable information (Name, gender, year of birth, contact information, email, phone number, etc).

b. Career goals

  • Establish your own well-planned short- and long-term goals.

c. Academic qualifications

  • Only provide the certificate of education at the highest level, the best accomplishments related to supplementing the job position.

d. Experience

  • Specify every job function (location, work, and accomplishments).
  • Students can mention their part-time or voluntary jobs.

e. Skills

  • Effectively showcase relevant job-related skills.

3. A few notes

  • Use up to two sides of A4 paper
  • Present a clear CV; no need to exaggerate
  • There are no spelling, punctuation, or spelling problems
  • Use fonts that are easy to read
  • Work-related experiences should be properly documented

Having a well-presented CV will give you a competitive edge during the job application process. A8 Resource hopes that this information will help you develop your style and have a CV that impresses employers!


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