Core Values & Mission


As an analogy, from SEEDS, we as the employees, through the core values of A8 Resource Co., Ltd, grow and develop into living trees:

We have built our core values based on SEEDS model. Each member of A8 Resource Co., Ltd upholds the core values as motivation develop and deliver. SEEDS provide the basic foundation for us to determine consciousness and actions. We work extremely hard to provide you with the highest quality  Human Resources Service.

Everyone of us like a seed that needs suitable conditions and environment to germinate and grow into trees. We work on 5 core values:

- Share and support: We not only share our knowledge but also support each other emotionally, encourage and always stand together.  

- Entrust: We always trust each other that we will do the right thing and do good things for others.

- Excellence and Learning:  Be excellent in skills and knowledge, as well as continue to learn within the team.

- Deliver great service: As a service company, we must deliver great service to every stakeholder, including our clients, partners, candidates, and teammates.

- Show consideration: As a team, we need to be considerate about what we do, what we talk about and how we behave.

Over the course of our growth since Year 2010, hundreds of our Candidates have been matched with suitable job opportunities for our Clients. Besides, we have assisted and consulted our Clients on issues related to Human Resources matters and Human Resource management. As an HR company, we focus to develop internal human factors mostly related to EQ and soft skills.


We are a headhunting & HR consulting company assisting everyone to have a Great Career and ultimately achieve a Great Living!


"Great Career, Great Living" is our mission which is to achieve a "Great Career" and accompany you to create a "Great Living” in your life. We are aware of the importance of our mission and appreciate it as a daily motivation to provide the best Human Resource Services for our Clients and Candidates.

With the mission of assisting people to achieve their goals, achievements and values ​​in life, we have built a 5-component model of well-being including mental, social, health, financial and career.

With our mission and core values, A8 Resource Co., Ltd does not target to become the top Human Resource Service company in the market. We just strive to be the best long-term partner for our Clients and Candidates. We are always willing to connect and accompany you on uncovering your own ''Great Career, Great Living'' journey.