LinkedIn is one of the most popular networking and career-building platforms at the present time. With this platform, we can find job opportunities, even promotion and marketing opportunities for businesses. Let A8 Resource suggest you a few tips for a better LinkedIn profile!

Step 1. Basic information

  • Polite proflie name: full name, shouldn’t use non-serious nicknames, teencode.
  • Professional background photo: face shots, portraits/busts should be used with formal outfit.

Step 2. Make your headline stand out

Set your current position and industry; or consider using your own outstanding figures and achievements.

Step 3. Full contact information

  • Create a working email: similar to the profile name, use a thoughtful & serious email name.
  • Use one phone number: to sign up on other platforms, which increases the odds of HR finding you.

Step 4. Focus on basic background

HRs often search candidates through the following categories:

  • Current position
  • Industry
  • Education
  • Location
  • Company

Step 5. Inspire with the ‘About’ section

You should add your personal biography, including information about your work field, strengths, and interests related to the career field you are pursuing.

The most important step: Experience

  • List information of the 4 most recent companies: Company name - Your title - Work done or successful project.
  • Optimize your profile with keywords: these are popular vocabulary and related to the field you want to apply for.
  • Outstanding skills: prioritize skills related to the field and job being applied for.

Last step: Complete profile

  • Linkedin will prioritize suggestions for displaying "All stars" profiles - profiles with fully filled out personal information sections.
  • Share your opinions related to your field of expertise. In addition to improving your knowledge, this is also a way to help employers approach you easily.

Hopefully with suggestions from A8 Resource, you will have more experience in building your personal brand through the social network Linkedin and soon get your desired job. Don't forget to update your information and check your messages regularly, maybe you will receive great opportunities.


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