Acquiring more knowledge and necessary skills while sustaining your nine-to-five job has never been an easy task. Therefore, microlearning has become a growing trend in modern employee training programs since it resolves the concern mentioned above. This time, A8 Resource is glad to introduce to you some information about Microlearning in employee learning and training.

What is Microlearning? 

Microlearning has been a growing trend in employee training. Each module focuses on a particular learning objective and takes little time that employees have during their work. 

A typical microlearning training session lasts three to five minutes and provides brief, focused information in the form of a game, an audio clip, a podcast, a set of Q&A with short explanations, etc. 

Benefits of Microlearning in the workplace 

  • Save the study time of employees 
  • Increase retention main point of the lesson 
  • Provide employees with a clearer focus on subjects 
  • Learn flextime and manage work-study time effectively

How to HR choose an effective microlearning? 

  • Make sure the program of lessons appropriate to the employees' expertise 

  • Convey technical information via short-length content 

  • Require the learning course designer to be technically proficient 

  • Design contents for employees with diverse needs

How to build a Microlearning program to effectively train employees?  

  • Determine the training goals and schedule a learning plan for target employees  

  • Create a complete and cohesive course and avoid content fragments 

  • Avoid rushed and lacking-in-depth training courses 

  • Encourage employee to frequently review the lessons to remember more 

  • Allow Microlearning lessons to be easily accessible on all devices 

Hope that this method can help you find learning more fun and interesting and that you can also obtain a lot more useful information and apply it to work in practice. 

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