What is your conflict management style? Conflict is inevitable in the workplace. Being aware of the situation and adapting an appropriate conflict management style to your workplace can have a huge impact on interactions and productivity among team members. Let’s learn more about 5 Conflict Management Styles with A8 Resource as below:

1. Competing:

- It involves rejecting compromise and not giving in to others’ perspectives to stand up for your rights and morals.

- It is useful when an immediate resolution is needed, when there’s no time to try or find a new approach.

- Consequences: It might damage relationships, create resentment, and discourage creativity and collaboration.

2. Avoiding:

- It involves avoiding or postponing the conflict situation.

- It is useful when the issue is trivial, or when more time is needed to gather information or cool down.

- Consequences: It can also lead to unresolved problems, missed opportunities, and increased tension.

3. Accommodating:

- It involves giving in to the opposing party, even at the expense of one’s own interests or goals.

- It is useful when the issue is more important to the other party, when harmony and goodwill are important, or when one realizes that they can’t come to a better solution.

- Consequences: It can result in loss of respect, self-esteem, and reduced influence, as well as suppressed ideas and feelings
4. Collaborating:

- It involves working with others to find a solution that meets every party’s needs and goals.

- It is useful when the issue is complex and important, when multiple perspectives are essential.

- Consequences: It can also be time-consuming, challenging, and unrealistic in some situations.

5. Compromising:

- It involves finding a middle ground that partially satisfies both parties.

- It is useful when the issue is moderately important, when time is limited, or when collaboration or competition is not feasible

- Consequences: It can also result in neither party leaving completely satisfied, loss of creativity and innovation.

It depends on the circumstances, each management style has its pros and cons. Hope you'll find this topic helpful and don't forget to leave your thoughts in the comments below. 


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