Traditionally, in most companies, the responsibility of cultivating Employee Experience and Engagement lies solely with the HR department. However, enlisting employee participation is seen as an opportunity for them to gain a thorough understanding of the advantages of these programs, collaborate with HR, and ultimately establish the culture and values of the organization. Let’s go through the post below with A8 Resource to know more about Employee Engagement - a shared mission across the organization and how we all embrace this challenge.

What Is Employee Engagement?

Employee engagement is how much the employee cares about the organization and its goals emotionally. This means engaged employees are not just working for money or promotion, but for the success of the company.

Why Is Employee Engagement Important?

Well-implemented employee engagement activities will bring great benefits to businesses:

  • Better employee mental health
  • Increased productivity
  • Decreased burnout
  • Lower turnover

A New Role For Managers And Employees:

- Manager: Managers should spend time on creating connection, belonging, and team building to ensure that team members feel united.

- Employees: Setting out several events based on common interests can increase the involvement and community feeling of others who join.

Let's Get Started: Five Small Steps

1. Find Your Ambassadors:

Your ambassadors are those who are already excellent centers of interpersonal interactions at work (leaders of employee resource groups, managers, individual workers, …

2. Explain The Need

Highlight how employee involvement creates dynamic cultures that benefit everyone then connect this to your business’s main goals, culture, and core values.

3. Fuel Them With Ideas:

Give your ambassadors the ideas they require to assemble and interact with people.

4. Expand

With the support of an outspoken and enthusiastic minority, you can implement change management strategies at a team, departmental, and eventually company-wide level.

5. Data, Data, Data!

Data is crucial, and you can obtain it in various ways, such as surveys that scale employee satisfaction with different aspects of their work, including happiness, motivation, growth, belonging, ...  

Going from a culture where HR is on the hook for all Employee Experience and Engagement activities to everyone sharing the load will take some effort. But as always, every journey starts with a single step. A8 Resource hope that this piece of information can assist you in enhancing Employee Engagement within your company.


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