Every company and organization significantly depends on its human resources, and anyone hoping to excel in this industry must have a solid understanding of human resource management. Let's find out with A8 Resource about books that help you better understand how to manage and develop human resources.

1. HR on Purpose!!: Developing Deliberate People Passion - Steve Browne

The No. 1 title on Amazon's "Hot New Releases" list (2018). HR on Purpose!! asks the question "Can you be in HR for more than 30 years and still be geeked about it?" According to Steve Browne - an accomplished speaker, writer, and thought leader in this field for more than 30 year; the answer is "YES, you can!"

The book takes a fresh look at HR through an engaging assortment of reality examples, insights and epiphanies and encourages practitioners to drop the preconceptions of what HR should be and instead look to what HR could be.

Overall, HR on Purpose!! is a must-read for HR professionals who would like to make a meaningful impact on their organizations.

Publisher: Society For Human Resource Management (2017)

2. The Big Book of HR - Barbara Mitchell and Cornelia Gamlem

HR’s responsibility for managing people has always been challenging. However, in recent years, dramatic changes in the world of work has made it even more complex. This book reflects on these changes and explores current and emerging trends. It covers both the strategic and functional aspects of talent management, including information on topics such as:

  • Managing remote and distributed workers
  • The impact of changing technologies
  • Preventing and dealing with workplace harassment
  • Pay equity and benefits for meeting varying workforce needs
  • Training strategies

If you’re just starting out in the HR field, this book will bring you up to speed on facts and strategies to help you perform your job well.

Publisher: Career Press (2017)

3. Radical Candor: Be a Kick-Ass Boss Without Losing Your Humanity - Kim Scott

The book is a thought-provoking and practical guide for leaders. This simple framework can help you build better relationships with employees, and emphasize your three key responsibilities as a leader:

  •  Creating a culture of feedback (praise and criticism)
  •  Building a cohesive team
  •  Achieving results you’re all proud of

Radical Candor is concluded from years of the author’s experience, and distilled clearly giving actionable lessons to those bewildered or exhausted by management.

Publisher: St. Martin's Press (2017)

4. HR Disrupted: It’s Time for Something Different - Lucy Adams

Talent management is challenging, but in order to engage, lead, support, and influence people in a fast-moving business environment, leaders need to optimize HR practices by implementing changes that genuinely matter. To achieve these changes, Disruptive HR has three pillars:

a) Treating employees as adults not children

b) Treating employees as consumers or customers (not a one-size-fits-all approach)

c) Treating employees as human beings

-> The EACH Principle: Employees as Adults, Consumers and Human beings. (Each of us is different, each of us deserves better.)

If you're planning to change the HR practices in your business but not sure where to start, then HR Disrupted is an easy-to-understand summary for you.

Pulisher: Practical Inspiration Publishing (2017)

5. Build It: The Rebel Playbook for World Class Employee Engagement - Glenn Elliott & Debra Corey

Glenn Elliott & Debra Corey show that breaking the traditional HR rules can help create more engaged employees, and consequently build better businesses. The book follows the Engagement Bridge™ model, highlighting the way that you can bring a positive working culture to your organization by using case studies from companies like Virgin, American Express and LinkedIn.

These are some things Build It can give more:

  • How employee engagement helps companies perform.
  • The key factors that drive engagement, and how they work together.
  • What the world's most rebellious companies have done to break the rules of traditional HR and improve engagement.
  • How to implement The Engagement BridgeTM model to boost productivity, innovation and better decision making.

This book shares a unique approach to build a compelling company culture with helpful case studies and tips for transforming your workplace.

Publisher: Whiley (2018)

Reading HR books is a fantastic method to learn new things, come up with fresh concepts, and keep up with the constantly changing HR industry. We hope that those books will provide you with new ideas and expert knowledge to help you succeed in your HR career.


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