Many firms nowadays are finding it vital to establish a human resource with vast expertise and flexibility in the workplace due to the competition of the new era. These personnel are called T-Shaped. Together with A8 Resource Co., Ltd., let's explore what T-shape model is, why it works and how to apply this model to your better career development in this post!

What is T-Shaped Employee?

The T-Shaped Employee concept is a great way to discover partners and hire staff. T-Shaped Employee are individuals who are knowledgeable and skilled in one subject and who also have the drive and aptitude to bridge different fields.


A T-Shaped Employee is a person who embodies the variety and adaptability of abilities and expertise inside the company. The vertical bar in the T-Shaped Employee model denotes each person's depth of knowledge and experience, while the horizontal bar shows their breadth of knowledge and capacity for productive cross-field collaboration.

Features of T-Shaped Employee

  • Have in-depth knowledge and be good at at least one area of expertise
  • Ready to learn and acquire new skills and knowledge
  • Has diverse knowledge in many fields, can work with many different types of people to solve problems
  • Able visionary
  • A receptive someone who consistently pays attention to the viewpoints and ideas of others
  • Flexible problem-solving mindset

The advantages that T-Shaped Employees bring to companies

  • Better collaboration: T-Shaped Employee has communication skills and easily makes others understand his wishes
  • Greater work flexibility: T-Shaped Employees are adaptable and may assist other team members with a variety of duties.
  • Creativity at work: T-Shaped Employees have a multifaceted perspective from their acquired expertise, and they can bring various innovative ideas to bear on the project development process.

What qualifications are required to work as a T-Shaped Employee?

  • Professional knowledge related to the job
  • Have knowledge of the relevant industry
  • Regularly update professional skills
  • Fundamental understanding of economics and society
  • Possess soft skills

Developing your human and personal potential in the workplace is essential to succeeding in today's more competitive job market. Hopefully the above information from A8 Resource can help you find ways to improve your abilities and develop your career path.


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