A passive workplace trend, known as "quiet firing", is making the rounds on social media, but this concept is not new. Quiet firing has existed for decades. Instead of directly managing and treating employees effectively and properly, some bosses choose to indirectly discourage their employees. Managers use quiet firing tactics to make employees feel they are not wanted, encouraging them to leave. So to learn more about what quiet firing is and the signs of quiet firing, read the following article by A8 Resource.

What is quiet firing?

Quiet firing describes how managers fail to adequately provide coaching, support and career development to an employee, making workplace environments and working conditions difficult. Leads to employees losing motivation and automatically resigning.

Signs of quiet firing

The signs of quiet firing are often subtle and easy to doubt or overlook. However, there are some ways to know whether you are being quietly fired.

  • Denied/delayed raises.
  • Stalled advancement.
  • No feedback from managers.
  • Exclusion from the team.
  • No new tasks and projects.
  • Overwork or underwork.


  • Actively communicate, talk transparently with your superiors about your situations.
  • Thoroughly prepare knowledge and materials about the company's promotion and salary increase process to help make the conversation with the manager easier.
  • Build relationships with partners, close advisors of management, or close employees who have a voice in the company, ready to support you.

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