Recruiting is an ever-evolving field, with new strategies, methods, systems, and insights emerging constantly, and books can offer you a comprehensive and detailed approach to exploring these developments. Together with A8 Resource, let's explore each book in a quick summary including what you’ll learn, and why you should read it. We also added the author’s LinkedIn and other places to connect with them online for your reference.

Overview of 3 Best Recruiting Books

1. Who - Geoff Smart & Randy Street


"Who" presents an entirely new method for the hiring process. Highlighting that hiring the right staff is the key to a company's success, the authors propose a well-researched process called "A Method for Hiring."

What you’ll learn:

You'll learn about the four pivotal steps in the A Method for Hiring:

  • Scorecard: Define the requirements for an ideal hire
  • Source: Where candidate acquisition strategies are outlined
  • Select: A series of structured interviews
  • Sell: Complete the offer with the selected candidate.

Why you should read it:

With insights that can lead to improved productivity and reduced turnover, this book ensures your hires align seamlessly with your company's goals and culture.

About the authors:

Geoff Smart’s LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/drgeoffsmart

Randy Street’s LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/randy-street-6a3470

Company website: https://ghsmart.com/

2. The Robot-Proof Recruiter: A Survival Guide For Recruitment And Sourcing Professionals - Katrina Collier


Katrina Collier delves into the challenges and nuances of recruitment in the digital age, presenting hands-on solutions to adapt and thrive amidst technological disruptions.

What you’ll learn:

Techniques to address issues brought about by technology, strike a balance between automation and real human interaction, and improve the recruiting process.

Why you should read it:

This book serves as a guide to navigate and flourish in the shifting sands of the digital recruitment landscape.

About the author:

Katrina Collier’s LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/katrinacollier

Company website: https://katrinacollier.com/

3. Social Media Recruitment: How to Successfully Integrate Social Media into Recruitment Strategy - Andy Headworth


Andy Headworth taps into the power of social media, unveiling how it can be a potent recruitment tool. The book sheds light on the nuances of leveraging various platforms to find, engage, and hire top talent.

What you’ll learn:

Strategies for building a strong employer brand on social media, effective ways to source candidates, and guidelines to integrate these platforms into your larger recruitment strategy.

Why you should read it:

To stay ahead in the modern recruitment game by effectively tapping into the vast pool of talent available on social media.

About the author:

Andy Headworth’s LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/andyheadworth

Whether you’re just getting started as a recruiter or you’ve been in the game your entire career, there’s always more to learn. A8 Resource hopes that these recruitment books can help you attract top talent, identify potential issues, and hire high-performing individuals for your organization. If there are any notable recruiting books you believe should be on this list, that would be great to share your recommendations in the comment section.


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