Motivation is an important factor to help each of us rise up, put more effort into achieving life's goals, including personal and organizational goals.

Although intrinsic to each person, in addition to influencing individual performance and achievements, based on interaction between  humans, motivation also creates an impact on the organization’s work atmosphere and environment. There can not be a strong, effective organization if its employees are sluggish, passive, or lack enthusiasm. Because then, the atmosphere will be quiet, heavy, and pressured.So what are the causes and consequences of lack of work motivation and how to build up a strong motivation at work for employees, then help them to contribute to the success of the organization? Let's find out with A8 Resource! 

Reasons for Work Unmotivated

  • Lack of impact, purpose or meaning
  • Disempowerment and restrictive conditions
  • Mastery/ lack of growth
  • Negative work conditions
  • Fear or threat

Consequences of Work Unmotivated

  • Decreased performance
  • Lower employee engagement
  • Reduced innovation and creativity 
  • Lower job satisfaction
  • Lack of motivation
Tips for building up a strong motivation at work for employees
  • Tip 01: Make the work more interesting 
Ensuring that work has variety => Reduces boredom and keeps them engaged in the work
  • Tip 02:  Ensure employees have adequate autonomy
Gives employees a perceived sense of control over how they get their work done => Reduces imposition, help employees feel more motivated, satisfied, and creative
  • Tip 03: Connect the work to its significance

Helping employees understand their work’s value that is relevant to key organizational goals => Feeling that they are doing meaningful work, make them try harder and harder

  • Tip 04: Assess workload

Take time to assess whether employees have adequate resources and time to complete their work  => Avoid them from Feeling stressed and overworked

  • Tip 05: Offer opportunities to learn

Working is not just about completing assigned tasks, but also an opportunity for employees to learn more knowledge and skills => Avoid feeling stagnant and instead look to future opportunities for continued growth

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