Surely most of us have been jealous of others. There are many people who understand that envy has a negative nature and work to correct it, but there are also people who allow envy to have a fixed nature and spread envy from home to work. So what is envy, what are its symptoms, its negative effects, and possible remedies? Let's find out with A8 Resource Co., Ltd in this post!

What is “Envy”?

Envy is an emotion that occurs when a person lacks another person's good trait, achievement, or possession and desires it or wishes the other person did not have it. Envy can include one or more emotions such as anger, resentment, inadequacy, helplessness, or disgust.

Manifestations of Envy

  • Unhealthy competition: Many people feel jealous because they see their colleagues are more capable than them and will stop at nothing to win.
  • Denying the efforts and accomplishments of others: In business, many people will easily assume that a success has their own involvement when they observe the accomplishments of others. They dismiss the accomplishments of others or attribute that success to luck.

Negative effects of Envy

  • Sabotage both your own and other people's relationships.
  • An insecure life constantly considers methods to hurt both others and oneself.
  • It gives rise to many negative psychological states, making the person with jealousy always stressed, frustrated, and uncomfortable.

Solution to eliminate envy at workplace

  • Create a wholesome work environment.
  • Build and develop good relationships with colleagues.
  • Try to work hard while remaining humble.
  • Find a solution and face the issue head-on.

Envy will bring a lot of negative effects to others and to oneself. So, follow the advice of Edmondo de Amicis: “Don't let the snake of jealousy creep into your heart. It's a poisonous snake, it eats away at the brain and corrupts the heart.". Hopefully the above information of A8 Resource will help you have more solutions to avoid workplace envy.


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