The phrase "Career Break" has been used quite a bit in recent years. Even though this idea is not new, most of us find it weird when we observe numerous individuals who dare to decide for themselves to take a "break" from their careers. But eventually, taking a "Career Break" is necessary, and it will help you when you go back to work. So why do we require a professional break? What else must we do to get ready for that moment? Let's find out and discover the answer with A8 Resource Co., Ltd in this post.

What is “Career Break”?

“Career Break” means pausing one's career. This is the time when you take a break from working for a few months to a few years in order to rest, concentrate on your personal growth, or consider your options for the future. This break is necessary when you are worried about yourself, your job, or when you want to balance your life with your career and spend more time on yourself.

Why do we need a break in our career?

  • Take care of your own mental health
  • Spend time with yourself and family
  • Advance your education or develop new skills
  • Pursue your other interests

How to have an effective break?

  • Set clear future objectives and directions: Utilize this time to think about your values and direction for the future, then develop goals that are in line with that path.
  • Assess your finances: Make sure you have enough budget to cover this period of career pause and budget for emergencies.
  • Expand your network: Maintaining your network during your time off can benefit you when you're ready to return to work and make your job easy. 
  • Learn new skills: Take time and learn new skills that can be directly or indirectly related to your career, such as communication skills, time management time, problem solving,...

Taking a break from your career is not a bad thing. During that rest period, we can take advantage of it to invest and upgrade ourselves, have a clear direction for the future, and recognize and find a job that is more suitable for ourselves. Hopefully the above information from A8 Resource will help you better understand the benefits of a break in your career and will not feel worried when returning to work.


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