Burnout is an exhaustion of emotion, physical and mental due to excessive and prolonged stress. Burnout does not leave anyone, regardless of whether you are housewives, managers, teachers, engineers, or doctors, etc. when exhausted, the performance decreases, and the fear of failure increases. Let’s go with A8 Resource to find out the causes and signs of burnout and tips to prevent this situation.

What is “burnout”?

Burnout is a syndrome - a career phenomenon that easily appears when stressed and exhausted. It not only reduces productivity and makes your energy exhausted, but it also negatively affects all areas of life.

Causes of burnout

  • Losing balance between work and life
  • Too much pressure at work
  • Working in an environment without fairness and democracy
  • No control over your work situation

Some signs of burnout

  • Loss of motivation
  • Mental and physical fatigue and exhausted
  • Moodiness
  • Feeling hopeless
  • Neglecting personal needs

Some tips to prevent burnout for both physical and mental health

  • Practice good sleeping habits
  • Try practicing meditation or yoga
  • Change your working environment
  • Talk and share the problem to your trusted ones
  • Take time to renew your energy

Hope you’ll find the right work-rest balance for your life!


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