Christmas is just around the corner, and it’s the perfect time to spread joy and cheer throughout your enterprise. If you’re looking for ways to increase employee engagement and bring some holiday spirit to your workplace, organizing a gift exchange activity is a great idea. Here are some suggestions from A8 Resource to help you plan an unforgettable Christmas event.

Gift Exchange Ideas

These are 5 gift exchange suggestions for your office holiday party. Depending on your company culture, some gift exchange themes may work better than others.

1. Holiday Trivia:

Host a game of holiday-themed trivia, and give the winners first pick at the pile of present that everyone prepared.

2. Joint Gift:

Instead of everyone buying a small gift for one co-worker, collaborate on a larger gift that will benefit everyone. (new coffee machine, wall decor…)

3. Gift Guess:

Participants buy a random gift and wrap it in an unrecognizable style, then the others will guess what’s inside (can give hints). The first person to guess correctly gets to keep the gift.

4. Secret Santa:

Participants draw names from a hat and buy a gift for the person whose name they drew. The identity of the gift giver is kept secret until the gift is opened.

5. Themed Gift:

Choose a theme for your office present swap, like “food” or “gift cards,” and have each person purchase a gift that reflects it.

The Do’s and Don’ts



Prepare gifts such as: stationery, water cup, sleeping pillow, table plant pot, ...

Give gifts that are too personal and expensive (expensive jewelry, lingerie,...)

Make the gift exchange optional

Force all employees to participate will cause reluctance and discomfort

Ensure that everyone who would like to participate feels included and that no employee is left out.

Forgot any members?

Choose a reasonable and mutually agreed-upon price limit so that nobody needs to break the bank, everyone feels included, and everyone gets a meaningful gift.

It will be difficult for everyone to select gifts if a budget isn't agreed upon in advance.

Hosting a holiday gift exchange in the workplace can be an excellent way to express gratitude, exercise team building and keep employees engaged during the holidays. Whichever gift exchange idea you choose, follow the above advice to ensure a smooth and appropriate process. With these ideas, A8 Resource hopes that everyone participating in your holiday gift exchange will feel valued and included.


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